The 3 Best Ways For Promoting Your Business In 2017

The 3 Best Ways For Promoting Your Business In 2017

When you have a business company, you need to promote it as much as possible and try to drag attention of people who might like your product or service. Since the traditional ways of promoting are a bit expensive, especially for start ups, we will talk about alternate ways of promoting. Don’t get it wrong, these alternative methods can be as effective as the traditional ones, but you need to use them in the right way. We will talk about how to use them in the right way in some other article. Now we will present three ways for promoting your business.

Video ads – Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms

 social media platformsAccording to some researches, the best advertising tool will be video ad by the end of 2020. Video ads are not something new, but the use of this promoting has been increased in the past two years. Psychologically, the video ad had more potential to drag the potential customers when you compare it to the standard ads. Youtube is the no.1 place for the video ads, but other social media platforms also launched the possibility of video advertising.

Advertising through applications

Advertising through applicationsAdvertising through applicationsAdvertising through applicationsAdvertising through applicationsWe already have optimized mobile versions of websites, but in the next few years, the apps will replace those. It is easier to create the app than a mobile website that works smoothly. Google offers the possibility of app indexing and ranking, which means that business entrepreneurs will opt for apps instead of mobile websites.

The domination of mobile phones

Mobile phones already made a great impact on the people’s lives to that point where several countries faced the fact that mobile traffic was bigger than desktop traffic, What else do we need to say? Advertising via mobile phones is steadily rising, and by the end of 2018, it will completely erase the standard ways of advertising. It is partly because people use their mobile phones more than ever and partly because people got bored with the standard ways of advertising and they want to see something different.